Tuesday, December 9, 2014

iPad Given to Loleta 2nd and 3rd Graders

Today Computer Labs for Kids presented the 2nd & 3rd Graders of Loleta Elementary School with an iPad. They don't even have a computer lab at this school (yet). They were so happy to get this iPad. We loaded the iPad with learning apps and they are very interested in putting it to work for them in the classroom. They sang a CHEER for Computer Labs for Kids and presented us with a Thank You card. Wonderful kids and we are happy to help!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Favorite iPad Apps for Toddlers

As some of you might now, we have a 23 month old daughter, Elizabeth. Computer Labs for Kids was founded with the idea that kids learn best when they are exploring and having fun. So you might be curious what apps are on our daughter's iPad.

Here's the list and my comments about each one.

Toca Monsters - This app and it's sister app, Toca Kitchen allow you to explore cooking and feeding. Very fun for little ones because it lets them put the food in the monster's mouth. The monster says "yum" if they like it and makes a funny noise if they don't.

Toca Band - This app has each character playing a different instrument or singing or making some kind of noise. You can choose what ones to put on the stage together and in this way compose. It's very creative and easy to use.

Nighty Night! - Storybook that you can read together or have it read out loud. In the story you turn out the lights for the little animals. Great before bedtime.

Beck and Bo, Avokiddo ABC, & Avodkiddo Emotions  - In Beck and Bo when you move Beck and Bo they interact with objects that are spoke out loud. It helps your little one learn basic items like "bed", "boat" and so on.

Monster 1 & Monsters 2 - Sesame Street Books that make Elizabeth laugh and laugh. There's a MONSTER at the end of the book - oh no!

Frog and Fish - Storybook that you can interact with - touch and make objects move.

Peek-a-Zoo - When you click on the train cars, an animal peeks out.

Endless ABC Endless 123 ABC Alphabet - These are pricey. Get the bundle. You won't regret it. They teach your little one the letters and numbers in such an fun and entertaining way. These are by far Elizabeth's favorite apps, and I love watching her play with them because of the educational value. You move the letter "A" which is saying "A" "A" "A" into an outline of the letter and then you hear "Hurray". Fun little creatures come out and congratulate you. It goes through each letter, each number and also you put together whole words.

Little Fox - Very cute songs and music to nursery rhymes. You can touch little animals and they do different things. Simply adorable!

Poky - The Poky Little Puppy. This is a story book that lets you read the story together or reads it out loud for you.

G'night Safari - Another good nighttime book.

Wa Kingyo - Goldfish pond that when you touch the water, it moves like real water. Mind-blowing!

Rocket Reads - How Rocket Learned to Read storybook. This is another book that lets you read it with your little one or it has the read out loud to you option.

Squish - Mickey Mouse app makes Elizabeth laugh when the clay is squashed together.

Day & Night - Daniel Tiger gets dressed, takes a bath, and so on. Good for learning about putting on clothes.

That's it folks. Let me know if you like this and want more. Also we are putting together an iPad for the Lotela Elementary 2 and 3rd graders after learning the Elementary School doesn't even have a computer lab yet. If you have the heart to help, please do. We can use help making this purchase.